David Anglada

Web Developer, Security Expert, iOS & Android Developer

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  • Age32 years
  • Current jobCTO Mikuin Developers
  • ProvinceBarcelona

About me

/Who am I?

David Anglada

It's been a few years since that September 2007 when I began studying computer science. Since then I haven't stopped learning new things day after day doing what I love.

I have worked in many fields but what I love the most and what I have been recently focusing in web programming, mobile application development and computer security.

There are always new things to learn that's why I keep working to discover new topics and gain knowledge.

My specialties:


15years of professional experience
27programming languages
228projects carried out successfully
49473hours spent developing


/What do I know?

During my years of experience I have learned many things, but right now where I spend more hours of investigation is on web programming, security and mobile applications.




/My career

Sep 2007

Explotació de Sistemes Informàtics


2 years of intermediate degree ESI (Explotació de Sistemes Informàtics)

Manteniment dels ordinadors i xarxa

SES Can Record

6 months in a school SES Can Record maintainer of computers and network

Apr 2008
Sep 2009

Desenvolupament d'Aplicacions Informàtiques


2 years of higher degree DAI (Desenvolupament d'Aplicacions Informàtiques)

Programador web

3 years and 9 months working as a web developer, configuring servers, protecting and optimizing MySQL databases

Apr 2010
Sep 2011

Administració de Sistemes Informàtics i Xarxes


1 year of higher degree ASIX (Administració de Sistemes Informàtics i Xarxes)

Programador Web, iOS i Android


Working as a web programmer, developing applications for iOS and Android and performing security servers and websites

Jan 2014
Oct 2014

CTO Mikuin Developers

CTO in the Mikuin Developers company managing technological projects, managing Linux servers and developing applications (Web, iOS, Android, Ionic...)



/How can I help you?

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